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Making a Wish on a … (Lia)

What do you make wishes on? My list holds the traditional things: birthday cake candles, shooting stars, ladybugs, four leaf clover. There are the whimsical things: first star I see tonight, full moon, rainbow. Lots of animal sightings warrant a wish: whale, dolphin, iguana, sea turtle. And lastly, some German things: a passing chimney sweep, a fallen eyelash.


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Saying it nicely! (Claude)

In Polperro
Don’t you think this is more convincing than the usual NO PARKING, OR ELSE… sign?

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A crowded wedding party (Claude)

Wedding Party!
We had parked near a pub where there had been a wedding party. Some seven rather merry people jammed into that car, including the boot. Fun!

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100 Short Short Stories (Lia)

This is the 100th short short stories and a shout out to all the authors and readers of this site. Happy 100th anniversary! To the next 100 x 100 stories that pour in.

P.S. Oops, Sara jumped me on the 100th posting. So, here is to 101 stories.

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Short Announcement (Lia)

Some of my German-speaking, but English-loving friends have been following our stories here and have been inspired by our stories. They would like also to write stories, but their English is not good enough that they feel comfortable to write in English. So, I am opening up this blog to story writers of any language. I do hope that it is all right with all of you.

If some of the stories are shortshortshort and any of you have time (hint Fee and Sara and LimeLiz), please feel free to translate the German stories into English for those authour of this blog living across the pond.

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Recommendations (lizlime)

What did we do before Amazon had the feature “Customers Who Bought This Item Also Bought”? I was looking for a book about tiny japanes gardens and discovered Wabi-sabi. Search inside: “Living Wabi-sabi – The flow of destiny is yours to change”. Going to study that further..

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Hello world! – Lia

The idea for Short Short Stories stems from my son. He said that he thought sunnysara and I should write a collection of stories out of our day-to-day experiences. The stories will be about people we know, situations we’ve observed, and opinions we temporarily hold.

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