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snippets of life (kim)

Have been very neglectful on very short short stories… hoping to hop back in! We are living and running a small motel right now, and i was thinking last night how well that fits into short, short stories. As the people who come and go provide us just that… a little snippet of their lives in ours.


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Making a Wish on a … (Lia)

What do you make wishes on? My list holds the traditional things: birthday cake candles, shooting stars, ladybugs, four leaf clover. There are the whimsical things: first star I see tonight, full moon, rainbow. Lots of animal sightings warrant a wish: whale, dolphin, iguana, sea turtle. And lastly, some German things: a passing chimney sweep, a fallen eyelash.

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blissful (Sara)

I was in town buying myself a pair of very worm socks when a very funky dressed young lady passed by me, just smiling, in her own thoughts…. I just thought that was beautiful,that smiling young lady amongst all the grumpy grey people who just can’t accept the fact that the weather isn’t great.

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summer, where art thou? (kim)

there’s something terribly wrong with summer this year…. it’s still august, and i had to restrain myself from putting the heat on over night, and this morning, i’m wearing a sweatshirt, but really, really want to pull out the polar fleece….

O Summer, Summer, wherefore art thou Summer?
Deny it’s global warming, and refuse thy name;
Or if thou wilt not, be but sworn my love
And I’ll no longer be craving your heat and sunshine

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split second (kim)

Driving along the country road, part II…

I was driving along in my big ol truck, when i saw a motorcycle coming towards me on the other side of the road. A woman in a T-shirt flying along with a big smile on her face, obviously enjoying the ride on this lovely sunny, hot summer day.

Just as we passed each other a bird flew by me, then her, managing to get by both of us safe and sound.

All i could think about was how different that moment in time would have been if the bird had been a split second slower.

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you’ve got mail (kim)

I was driving yesterday along a country road. I saw a woman get her mail at the end of the driveway, stop and read intently a letter. It got me wondering….

If you had a driveway,  mail that actually came to the mailbox at the end of it, and you got an important letter… would you stop and read it at the end of the driveway? or would you bring it into the house, curl up in your favorite chair with a cup a tea and then have a good read?

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Dream (Sara)

I had a very strange dream, where I was supposed to be the next pope.

So there I was, all dressed up in Vatican City with loads of religious  people right behind me in some sort of formation, walking along an alley in a HUGE cathedral and we were doing all sorts of chanting and singing and stomping ….and I just remember I had no idea whatsoever what I was supposed to do, so I was like humming and letting out an occational “Veni vidi vici”.

But to my relief, there was my best friend standing at the end of the alley (dressed up as a nun). She then told me what I was supposed to do, and say, because of course I didn’t speak any Latin.

You can imagine how confused I was when I woke up.

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