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Story of Hope and Sadness (Lia)

I work at a charity shop once a week. Today we received a pile of books from someone whose titles tells a tale:

  • The Yearning to be a Mother
  • The Secrets of raising Happy Children
  • The Differences between Boys and Girls
  • The Silent Father
  • Children need Borders
  • The small Tyrant
  • Aggression and Violence in Boys

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Spring Check List (Lia)

  • collect all winter coats, gloves and mittens (sort our missing pairs), scarves, and headbands. Wash and store in top of cupboards for next winter
  • take out all spring jackets, running shoes, sandals and sunhats. Throw out those sandals that are stiff from salt water of summer past
  • buy new sun umbrella for balcony
  • bring up garden chairs from basement. Wash and wash again
  • buy some posies in pots and place them on kitchen windowsill
  • buy some new sandbox utensils for visiting small folks
  • check books lists for light and entertaining literature
  • take winter coat out of storage because it’s too damm cold outside

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