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Kissing Fish (lia)

Last night, I overheard a conversation in a restaurant that took place between two young women. They were talking about fish: trout, bass, soul, catfish,… it was rather strange to hear them enthuse about these fish and their various attributes. At one point, I swear the one woman started on about what it is like to “have been” kissed by a fish. Or, maybe she was talking about “having seen” fish kissing… wonder which. One of those life mysteries I’ll never know the answer too.


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Children can be so mean (lia)

A little fat girl on her way to grade school, stands by the street light waiting for the light to turn. She’s dressed in her favourite skirt and sweater. A bright ribbon holds back her dark wavy curls. A schoolmate of hers passes on the way to the bakery to pick up bread rolls for her family.

This is one of those perfect princess girls that plagues all of our childhoods. You can tell by the way she walks, by the say she swishes her hair back over her shoulders.

The one girl waves at the little princess and says a bright hello. The princess runs pass her, almost not noticing her, and then only making a response of, “You are way too early”.

I look upon this scene from my living room window and can see by the change in the girl’s posture that she’s registered it all: her outfit is wrong, her hair is wrong, she’s even wrong to want to go to school early… I want to tell her that the princess is wrong, or that she didn’t really mean to be mean, she’s just unthinking, which when you come down to it, is probably the same thing.

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mouths of babes

I was chatting with a new young friend, it was his birthday.

Me: “Wow it’s your birthday…how old are you?”

Him: I’m 4 now, i’m not a baby any more

Me: That’s true, what are you now?

Him: Yea, I’m a human now.

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from the mouths of babes (kim)

We met two really sweet 8 yr olds today, boots and jacob.  One conversation we had:

Me: “How do you know each other, are you related?”

Jacob: “Actually we are friends… we grew up together”.

Boots: “Well, actually we are growing up together”

Jacob: “oh yea”

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Conversation Stopper (Lia)

“I once lost a dog because it couldn’t take lying on cold tiles. Right to the end, I didn’t want to believe it would die because of something so banal. The dog was just too small. Now I bring a blanket where ever I go for my dog to lie on.”

Conversation overheard in a resturant in Pommerby, northern Germany. One of many dog stories exhanged between two middle-aged couples at the neighbouring table.

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walking the dogs (kim)

We were walking the dogs our usual way which is we attatch the two leashes together so they make one long double ended leash. Then the dog walker holds it in the middle somewhere, depending on what dog needs to pee on what bush. It’s a very clever system devised while walking two dogs, one short, one long, one who likes to walk in front, one behind.

We were walking down a street yesterday, deb, me and the two dogs, and passed by a house where two little boys were hanging out a window watching the world go by. As we passed, one of the boys said “hey dad look, there’s a dog walking two people AND another dog”.

and there i thought we were in charge!

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Spinach Soup (Lia)

Friend01 looking at the lunch menu, “Oh, look, fresh spinach soup. That probably would  taste good.” Friend02 responds, “Soup. Does anyone ever feel full after eating soup?”

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