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brains growing old (lia)

In the last two days, I had at least three stories to tell and this morning they are gone. How frustrating! I’ll have to get in the habit of writing them down.


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100 Short Short Stories (Lia)

This is the 100th short short stories and a shout out to all the authors and readers of this site. Happy 100th anniversary! To the next 100 x 100 stories that pour in.

P.S. Oops, Sara jumped me on the 100th posting. So, here is to 101 stories.

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Performance Art Lecture (Lia)

Last evening I had the opportunity to attend a university lecture on performance art. Part of the lecture was the participation of the attendees in a mini performance art piece.

The lecturer put her head to each of the participants’ hearts, one after the other, and listened to their heartbeat. She gave each of us a heart rhythm to beat into the arms of our chairs. Eventually, each of us was beating our heart rhythm and she stood at the front of the room directing us to beat softer or louder. It was certainly a lecture I will remember for a long time.

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Welcome Home (lia)

My son came home late yesterday after being away a week with his class in Rome. He comes to the breakfast table this morning, bleary eyed, wearing a t-shirt that says, “The early bird can kiss my ass”. Taking this as a subtle clue, the rest of the family stays respectively quiet during the meal.

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Mr. Tattoo’s New Girlfriend (lia)

Mr. Tattoo has a New Girlfriend. Platinum blond. Gothic attire. She wears lots of silver metal on her ears and on her leather belt. She has only one singular lip piercing. Nothing in comparison to Mr. Tattoo’s dozen facial piercings. It will be interesting to see whether New Girlfriend grows a few more. Inspite of the tribal cool killer looks, they can’t stop smiling. C’est l’amour.

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Golden moments (Lady Fi)

Walking the dog. Golden fur shining through the mist. Mild and cool. The geese fly away, mocking me, the weather. The dog smiles – unaware.

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