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My day (Sara)

My day consisted of lost of fun stuff that I do maybe once a year:

1: eating a slice of the best Italian leftover pizza in the world for breakfast

2: watching “Singing in the Rain” while eating the pizza (at 11 o’clock in the morning)

3: cleaning my room (ok that’s a lie, I have to clean my room at least twice a year)

4: making myself a very exotic Chinese/Indian dish (rice, fried vegetables and a very delicious sauce made of peanutbutter,  onions and coconut milk)

5: getting out of my jammies at 3 o’clock in the afternoon and putting on my brothers favourite Bob Marley t-shirt (which is of course much too big for me) and going to meet my mum in our favourite café… the t-shirt earned me a few stange looks, but hey, who cares 😀

… uh… okay… I just noticed that cleaning up your room doesn’t really count as fun stuff, but at least I got to throw away lots of the junk in my room


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Performance Art Lecture (Lia)

Last evening I had the opportunity to attend a university lecture on performance art. Part of the lecture was the participation of the attendees in a mini performance art piece.

The lecturer put her head to each of the participants’ hearts, one after the other, and listened to their heartbeat. She gave each of us a heart rhythm to beat into the arms of our chairs. Eventually, each of us was beating our heart rhythm and she stood at the front of the room directing us to beat softer or louder. It was certainly a lecture I will remember for a long time.

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Welcome Home (lia)

My son came home late yesterday after being away a week with his class in Rome. He comes to the breakfast table this morning, bleary eyed, wearing a t-shirt that says, “The early bird can kiss my ass”. Taking this as a subtle clue, the rest of the family stays respectively quiet during the meal.

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Reverse psychology (Lady Fi)

After the kids promised to ‘sleep in’ and spent all night getting up, I decided to change tactics.

I begged them to get up really early.

Result? A lie-in until 6.40 am!

Ah, the power and joy of reverse psychology!

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