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Cake for breakfast (Sara)

We are going to visit our friends in South Germany in the summer holidays and I want to share with you my absolute favorite moment whenever we visit them:

I wake up in the morning to the chirping of birds and I can hear the lovely mother, Maria, rummaging around in the kitchen downstairs making breakfast. I sneak into the bathroom, trying not to make any noise because everybody else is still sleeping. When I come down the stairs, I sit down at the kitchen table and Maria has a hot cup of tea and a piece of her freshly-baked cake ready for me. (Maria and her family eat homemade cake for breakfast, yummy!) By the time that I finish sipping on my hot tea and eat the last crumbs of the delicious cake, everybody else will have smelled the mouthwatering scent of tea and cake . They come down the stairs and sit down, read the newspaper, have breakfast and talk about what we are going to do that day. These are moments of total peace and happiness to me.

Looking forward to seeing you guys!


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happy, chill out music (Sara)

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Hmm… (Sara)

While doing my homework today, i wondered, why we always assume, that Martians are going to come in metal spaceships… Why metal?

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blissful (Sara)

I was in town buying myself a pair of very worm socks when a very funky dressed young lady passed by me, just smiling, in her own thoughts…. I just thought that was beautiful,that smiling young lady amongst all the grumpy grey people who just can’t accept the fact that the weather isn’t great.

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oh god… (Sara)

I’ve just started returning mentally from France and now I’m descovering the new french challenge: Trying to tell a totally in love french boy that I’m not in love with him …. It’s a sad world…

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A little man but a big effect (Sara)

The last two school years I had a teacher in German and History that the whole class disliked and we often got into arguments with him.  For example:

He said he just did’t want to listen to us complaining about our class test, even though he had messed up and some students hat gotten an  A if they had 95% of the answers right, whereas the others only gotten an A with 98% right answers.  So, I’m sure you can see that that is a bit unfair, but he wouldn’t listen to us. He would say “Shut up!” to us almost every lesson.  Same scenario in History. So you probably can see that we didn’t get to learn much. (Actually we learned almost nothing in the two years…)

Now we have completely new teachers and today was our first History lesson with our new teacher and it was like being reborn! (I’m not exaggerating here 😀 ) We talked about Napoleon the entire lesson and it was interesting ! I couldn’t believe it….  Well this story isn’t very funny or beautifully written, but I just had to inform you what sometimes goes on in schools….

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Oh Yeah! (Sara)

Shazaam! I got my very first fanmail!  My mum and I  were eating lunch at a cafe with one our friends and her two daughters and her youngest daughter Maria-Lisa wrote me this on a napkin:

For Sara

From Cookie

my nik name is cookie

( now on the other side of the napkin:)

From Maria-Lisa

Vor Sara:

You are priti

you are nice

you are gud

I like yu sara.

(isn’t that cute?)

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