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If I were a butterfly…. (Sara)

…I would fly across the world, discover places where no one has ever been before and come home and tell all my friends.


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If I could travel back in time… (Lia)

… I’d tell my ten-year-old self to dance faster, my twenty-year-old self to fall in love more slowly, my thirty-year-old self to be more impulsive, my forty-year-old self to be less plagued with worries, my fifty-year-old self (last year) that all is just right…

Now, if I could travel forward in time… I wonder what I would say…

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If I could travel in time… (Fee)

…I would go back about ten years and tell my younger self: NO FEAR

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If i had a flying pony… (kim)

i had a flying pony, and i asked him to fly me to a life where i wake up every day happy… and he did

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If I were a princess…

…. I would have lots of gold and jewels and then I would take singing classes.


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If I had a flying pony… (Lia)

… I’d instantly turn into a lovely princess and I would fly with the pony into some enchanted woods and live with all the wild animals in perfect harmony…

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If I had a flying pony… (Sara)

…I would fly to Hawaii and take Jack Johnson with me and he could sind me songs about mango trees and waves breaking…

– Sara

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