The spring sun shines through my living room window over the carpet, up the chair and warms my back like a sunshower. My mind begins to wander away from my work in the direction of a daydream in a far off country sparkling with bright colours and sea song.


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(She might love you if you learn to) Play Guitar by Bella Hemming (Sara)

i wanted to share this song with you 🙂 it made my day! 🙂

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From another Angle (Lia)

Do listen to the poem read by the poet. Especially, like how the poem came about. It is only through his reading was it possible for me to find the humour, the depth, the self-effacement, the beauty, the apology, the recognition… that is contained within the poem.

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lovely poem (Sara)

I don’t even want to say much about this video , except that it made my day 😀 , i just thought I’d share this very talented boy with you.

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Strange Situation (Lia)

Last night in our local Italian restaurant we sat across from a couple. The woman had the facial features exactly like a Renaissance Virgin Madonna.

It was such an odd situation to be watching the Virgin Madonna eat her pizza Funghi.

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Mini Rant (Lia)

To the couple who exited the crowded train first and decided to stop in front of the door and search through their luggage for their travel itinerary…

To the mother and daughter that stepped off the escalator and stopped to get their bearings…

To the four teenagers blocking the top of the staircase to the track of our connecting train…

Stay alert! Watch what you are doing! There are other people needing to get places quickly!

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You are my favourite (Sara)

i just want to show you this beautiful song, that always makes me happy 🙂

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