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Open window. (Sara)

We live right in the middle of the city, but I still love sleeping with my window open. I love to hear the occational car passing by and the people talking and laughing right below my window. I love listening to them. But yesterday night I had to close my window at about 1 o’clock because a gang of probably not too young people were starting to sing to “Everybody” by the Backstreet Boys, and you can image that that isn’t such a good lullaby.


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Poem. (Sara)

Lia and I were sitting in a train,

looking at the trees outside

looking at the people passing by

but then to my amazement and utterly surprise

a guy decided to stick his buttocks in my face.

I’m sorry people, I know the last part doesn’t really fit, but there just is no other way to explain the situation that occured to me when we were on the train from southern Germany to Lübeck. The train was so crammed, and people were trying desperately to get to their seats. That guy probably  just decided that I looked small and thought that I might not care, so he  let the people go by, and by doing this compressing his behind into my privacy. I was not very amused when he finaly left, but at least that was an icebreaker to get into a conversation with the people sitting next to us. So I guess there is something good to everything in life… Don’t you think so?

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International Travel (Lia)

What’s with the flip flops?

(Since when has it become acceptable for people in airports and planes to wear flip flops on their travels? Is it only me, or is this something like jocks going topless in Adidas shorts downtown on a summer day? Not a pretty sight and not so appropriate. Or, is this just one of many indications that I am out of sync with things?)

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I do love Lübeck. (Sara)

I went to a fleemarket today, where they, as usual, sell lots of junk. But if you look between the tee cups and egg warmers you can find lots of magiggullus stuff. I found a funky bracelet and a belt. I do love Lübeck.

Oh, and I only payed 1 € total… How magiggullus is that?

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new word. (Sara)

magiggullus : a mix of  cool , magic and magnificent

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Mr. Tattoo’s New Girlfriend (lia)

Mr. Tattoo has a New Girlfriend. Platinum blond. Gothic attire. She wears lots of silver metal on her ears and on her leather belt. She has only one singular lip piercing. Nothing in comparison to Mr. Tattoo’s dozen facial piercings. It will be interesting to see whether New Girlfriend grows a few more. Inspite of the tribal cool killer looks, they can’t stop smiling. C’est l’amour.

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TGIF – Good Deed (lia)

Looking out my living room window…  I notice a fellow trying to repair his bicycle tire. He’s attempting to put back the mantel on the front wheel’s frame. With his bare hands. So, I wander outside and ask him if he is in need of some tools. (2 brownie points) Fortunately, I manage to reach him as he is looking through his key chain for the titanium key with the smooth edges he’s hoping miraculouslywill appear there. One plastic tire-feeder tool, a screw driver, and bicycle pump later.. his tire is right as rain. One small gesure of consideration on my part saves him from having to push his bicycle all the way home with a floppy outer mantel (not cool), a puntured inner tire and a broken house key. (another 2 brownie points)

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