Short Announcement (Lia)

Some of my German-speaking, but English-loving friends have been following our stories here and have been inspired by our stories. They would like also to write stories, but their English is not good enough that they feel comfortable to write in English. So, I am opening up this blog to story writers of any language. I do hope that it is all right with all of you.

If some of the stories are shortshortshort and any of you have time (hint Fee and Sara and LimeLiz), please feel free to translate the German stories into English for those authour of this blog living across the pond.



  1. kimhadley said

    i think that’s a great idea, since the stories are so short, we can always run them by bablefish or other translating software to get the general concept… course if anyone wants to volunteer to translate, all the better!

  2. tillmannt said

    Good. But being german and concomitantly pedantic, I really think the “Authors” column on the right should only have one “u” in its heading. Picky, I know. Apologies.

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