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A little man but a big effect (Sara)

The last two school years I had a teacher in German and History that the whole class disliked and we often got into arguments with him.  For example:

He said he just did’t want to listen to us complaining about our class test, even though he had messed up and some students hat gotten an  A if they had 95% of the answers right, whereas the others only gotten an A with 98% right answers.  So, I’m sure you can see that that is a bit unfair, but he wouldn’t listen to us. He would say “Shut up!” to us almost every lesson.  Same scenario in History. So you probably can see that we didn’t get to learn much. (Actually we learned almost nothing in the two years…)

Now we have completely new teachers and today was our first History lesson with our new teacher and it was like being reborn! (I’m not exaggerating here 😀 ) We talked about Napoleon the entire lesson and it was interesting ! I couldn’t believe it….  Well this story isn’t very funny or beautifully written, but I just had to inform you what sometimes goes on in schools….


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Summer holidays have started… (Lady Fi)

My two kids upstairs arguing.

A wet and happy dog resting golden on the warm wooden floor.

Baking, friends, jumping on the trampoline.

The merciful rain tattooing a secret code on the roof.

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