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Cake for breakfast (Sara)

We are going to visit our friends in South Germany in the summer holidays and I want to share with you my absolute favorite moment whenever we visit them:

I wake up in the morning to the chirping of birds and I can hear the lovely mother, Maria, rummaging around in the kitchen downstairs making breakfast. I sneak into the bathroom, trying not to make any noise because everybody else is still sleeping. When I come down the stairs, I sit down at the kitchen table and Maria has a hot cup of tea and a piece of her freshly-baked cake ready for me. (Maria and her family eat homemade cake for breakfast, yummy!) By the time that I finish sipping on my hot tea and eat the last crumbs of the delicious cake, everybody else will have smelled the mouthwatering scent of tea and cake . They come down the stairs and sit down, read the newspaper, have breakfast and talk about what we are going to do that day. These are moments of total peace and happiness to me.

Looking forward to seeing you guys!


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funny (Sara)

May is finally showing its sunny side and a lot of guys from my school walk around in shorts. My friend looked at all of the hairy man-legs and made a comment, that really cracked me up:

Oh look, they are wearing nature socks!

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Story of Hope and Sadness (Lia)

I work at a charity shop once a week. Today we received a pile of books from someone whose titles tells a tale:

  • The Yearning to be a Mother
  • The Secrets of raising Happy Children
  • The Differences between Boys and Girls
  • The Silent Father
  • Children need Borders
  • The small Tyrant
  • Aggression and Violence in Boys

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Spring Check List (Lia)

  • collect all winter coats, gloves and mittens (sort our missing pairs), scarves, and headbands. Wash and store in top of cupboards for next winter
  • take out all spring jackets, running shoes, sandals and sunhats. Throw out those sandals that are stiff from salt water of summer past
  • buy new sun umbrella for balcony
  • bring up garden chairs from basement. Wash and wash again
  • buy some posies in pots and place them on kitchen windowsill
  • buy some new sandbox utensils for visiting small folks
  • check books lists for light and entertaining literature
  • take winter coat out of storage because it’s too damm cold outside

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Things I Didn’t Need To Know (Lia)

Last week, I was at a party and we were talking about “The Lord of the Rings” movies and CGI and plasticine make up… a lively conversation, made merry with the consumption of a fair amount of Christmas cookies and Swedish Glögge (hot spiced wine). In amongst the conversation of elves and ogres and fairy beings and why they all seemed to have rather strange ears, someone told me a fact about growing old, that I really didn’t need to know. She said that other than hair and nails, our ears and noses continue to grow and grow throughout our whole lives.

I didn’t think this could be true, for it would mean that old people must wander around with monster ears. Yet, sadly, the bus rides to work this week produced a whole slew of examples of elderly with exactly this problem. Was I the only person oblivious of this fact? I’m trying to think what I can do with my saucer ears if I grow old, the gods willing, other than use them to prop up my Princess Leia hair piece. Do you have any suggestions?

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Expectancy (Lia)

Dear friend due any moment to celebrate a quiet dinner.

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Halloween. (Sara)

I’m going to a Halloween party today! Yaaaay! Haven’t been to one since I was 8. I’m going to be a vintage Zombie, wearing one of my dad’s old suit jackets! This is going to be so much fun. In Germany practically nobody does Halloween, so this is a big deal for me. 😀

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