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In the summer time (Fee)

Spent the last days:

– swimming in a lake in Switzerland (preferably at night)

– sleeping outside (falling stars!)

– wearing nice skirts and dresses

– singing all day long

This is the best summer EVER.


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My day (Sara)

My day consisted of lost of fun stuff that I do maybe once a year:

1: eating a slice of the best Italian leftover pizza in the world for breakfast

2: watching “Singing in the Rain” while eating the pizza (at 11 o’clock in the morning)

3: cleaning my room (ok that’s a lie, I have to clean my room at least twice a year)

4: making myself a very exotic Chinese/Indian dish (rice, fried vegetables and a very delicious sauce made of peanutbutter,  onions and coconut milk)

5: getting out of my jammies at 3 o’clock in the afternoon and putting on my brothers favourite Bob Marley t-shirt (which is of course much too big for me) and going to meet my mum in our favourite café… the t-shirt earned me a few stange looks, but hey, who cares 😀

… uh… okay… I just noticed that cleaning up your room doesn’t really count as fun stuff, but at least I got to throw away lots of the junk in my room

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Apologies. (Sara)

Here are a couple of reasons why I have to apologize ( to myself to other people and to the world):

1.  I have been eating way too many sweets.

2. I have been a couch potato these past few days, although it’s summer right now and I could have been riding my bike.

3. I haven’t been riding my bike as often as I actually want to. ( I’m going to catch up on that today 😀 )

4. I haven’t been cleaning up my room. (I’m sorry Lia!)

5. (and most important) I haven’t been writing here as much as I actually wanted to, so: I’m so very sorry! I will change that immediately.

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Hrmpf. (Sara)

I went to a birthdayparty yesterday, where everybody had to dress up as a someone from a movie or a fairytale. There were:

– 2 cowgirls

– 2 Captain Jack Sparrows

– 1 Lilo (from Lilo & Stich)

– 1 bee (don’t ask.. )

– 1 of the dark riders from Lord of the Rings

– 1 Lara Croft   ( me )

AND one garden gnome.

There was a who-has-the-best-costume competition,too. The dark rider got the first prize. The garden gnome and I were tied for second place and everybody had to vote again and guess who won? The garden gnome of course.

But hey, no one  can beat a garden gnome. Not even Lara Croft.

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new professional skills acquired (Sara)

After only one day of working in a restaurant, I have now acquired new kind of skills:

– potato peeler

– mousse au chocolat maker

– mousse au chocolat empty bowl licker

– human dish washer

and le piece de resistance :

professional shrimp de-poop-er (technical term: shrimp decrapper)

what a day…

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Doings of the day. (Sara)


– got up at 9 o’clock to buy paint and a paint roller

– started to paint my cupboard “chessnutbrown” (at that time I was happy with the color)

– painted the whole cupboard (not including the doors)

– went to sleep in my bed (my room still smelled a bit like paint, not much, but still enough to get annoyed about it)


-got up at 8 o’clock (don’t ask … I know it’s early for a teenager.)

-startet to paint the doors and wondered why there was less paint then I remembered being there Saturday evening

-painted one door and noticed that there is not enough paint to paint the very necessary second layer (I’m suspecting a paint loving hamster, that creeped through my slightly ajar window in the night.)

– I am really p*ssed now, because it is Sunday and that means that there is no opportunity of buying new paint, which means that I am stuck with a giant cupboard in the middle of my room, with newspaper around it and all of the rest of my stuff crammed in one corner of my room (including my clothes !) and there is nothing I can do about it.  Grrrrr!

cupboard-painting is a nasty business. paint loving hamsters ,too.

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Random Study (Sara)

On the way to-and-back from my saxophone lesson:

People with bell bottom pants : 12
(not counting the 4 middle-aged women, who never got out of the phase)

People with cigarette pants :  9
(I counted one guy twice, because he was wearing funky cowboy boots to his cigarette pants)

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