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two boys (Sara)

I had to go to the post office today. In front of me in the lineup was a mother with two boys, one still in a stroller and the other one about 4 years old. It was a busy day so there were lots of people and we had to stand outside for quite a while. The post office had one of those fancy automatic doors with motion detectors. When the older boy stood in front of the door and moved, it of course opened. He looked at it. Then he stood very very still. The door closed again. He snapped his fingers and the door opened. He turned around and looked at his little brother and he looked back with utter amazement. The boy turned around and snapped his fingers again. It opened again…. and again… and again… and again… until the mother rushed the boy inside.


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Expectancy (Lia)

Dear friend due any moment to celebrate a quiet dinner.

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two boys. (Sara)

Two little boys playing with a ball near the street, kicking the ball as high as they can, getting lots of stern looks from the people passing by.

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Let it snow! (Sara)

I wake up every morning and the curtains are closed. Since it has become cold I have been wishing every day, that when I open the curtains it would be snowing. I love snow! (Although I don’t have the right shoes for snow.)

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internet world (kim)

our internet went down yesterday for a few hours, it’s amazing how dependent i’ve become on that connection to make me feel connected to my life. I felt anxious all day till it came back… Sad? or advances in technology?

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Lia – Monday Dawn

Monday dawn. Shadows of dark-clothed pedestrians wandering to work or school, pass by my living room widow. Suddenly, a vision of light dressed in white and spiffy gold-buckled trench coat flutters in the periphery of my vision. She leaves behind a smile on my face.

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tough luck. (Sara)

I have this habit of accidentally finding my Christmas presents either the month before or in December. I hate it, because I spoil it for myself and everybody else. Today, for example, I had to put my grandma’s toaster back to where it belongs and I saw one of my presents…. I knew it was for me, because it was a backpack I showed my mum. It was from a second hand store, and when I went there and the backpack wasn’t there anymore I was quite disappointed. Do you see what I mean? It’s so annoying. Grrr!

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