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grooovy (Sara)

groovy girl dancing groovy to a classic song by daft punk


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Mood Buster II (Lia)

Just loved the video below. Totally addictive. Decided the singer must be from Sweden or Iceland… it’s the dress. Looked up her site and there it was, “Emiliana in Reykjavik”.

Here’s another video that shows she and her band are versatile and imaginative,

Thanks, Liz for passing this on.

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Mood Buster (Liz)

My friend showed me this really sweat and in a way old fashioned (looks like it is home made) music video. What dress is she wearing? And then Pocahontas mixed with the Lion King. How sweat. But beware, the music really sticks to your head … rum ba dum rum ba dum ba dum dum … 🙂

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Beachcomber (Lia)

There is an army of long term unemployed people who spend their days combing the city and surrounding parklands picking up bits of trash. The municipal parks people and the city cleaners are meant to handle the overall sanitation, so I am not always so certain what the men in green are really suppose to be doing. They seem to be beachcombers on a beach strewn with cigarette butts.

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Word Definition – Stinjeesh (Lia)

Stinjeesh (noun):

The neighbour who loots the public poop bag dispenser across the road, to use as garbage bags, instead of going down the street 100m to the next drugstore and buying the things himself.

(He actually waits for the city worker to refill the dispenser, comes out of his apartment, empties the dispenser, folds the bags properly together and returns into his apartment building. What a cheapskate!)

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