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TGIF – Good Deed (lia)

Looking out my living room window…  I notice a fellow trying to repair his bicycle tire. He’s attempting to put back the mantel on the front wheel’s frame. With his bare hands. So, I wander outside and ask him if he is in need of some tools. (2 brownie points) Fortunately, I manage to reach him as he is looking through his key chain for the titanium key with the smooth edges he’s hoping miraculouslywill appear there. One plastic tire-feeder tool, a screw driver, and bicycle pump later.. his tire is right as rain. One small gesure of consideration on my part saves him from having to push his bicycle all the way home with a floppy outer mantel (not cool), a puntured inner tire and a broken house key. (another 2 brownie points)


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Complete and utter Mystery – Lia

(pre-ordered VW Polo at local car rental company) x (one very friendly saleswoman) x (an office empty of customers) x (the luck of the Irish) = a BMW sports wagon + a long sunny weekend ahead + a very happy customer + at the same costs!

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