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blissful (Sara)

I was in town buying myself a pair of very worm socks when a very funky dressed young lady passed by me, just smiling, in her own thoughts…. I just thought that was beautiful,that smiling young lady amongst all the grumpy grey people who just can’t accept the fact that the weather isn’t great.


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a rainy day (Sara)

– students running to the bus stop , covering their heads with anything they could find  protecting their head from the rain

– me running  through the rain to Double Coffee to get a Latte Macchiato

– my School Big Band friends and me running to our rehearsal ( we were late )

– me and my School Big Band friends running to the bus stop ( after reherasal) singing ” I’m singing in the rain”

so a lot of running today…

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Golden moments (Lady Fi)

Walking the dog. Golden fur shining through the mist. Mild and cool. The geese fly away, mocking me, the weather. The dog smiles – unaware.

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