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Amelie Game (Fee)

3 dislikes:

1. waking up with a headache

2. a thunderstorm starting just when I’m about to leave the house to cycle to university

3. the smell and taste of garlic in anything or at anytime



1. taking a nap in the afternoon

2. singing the right alto voice and knowing it sounds good

3. drinking a cup of black tea with milk in the morning


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Amelie Game – Sara

3 Dislikes:

  • The feeling of little bugs and ants crawling over my legs when I read my book while lying in the garden
  • The dancing spots in front of my eyes when I look at the sun
  • The dad of our neighbour’s children, who made his youngest daughter cry because he promised to play table tennis with her and of course, broke the promise


  • Finally taking it slow and sitting in the sun
  • Waking up to the sound of birds in the garden
  • The thought that Sara won the Germany’s next Topmodel final last night

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