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funny (Sara)

May is finally showing its sunny side and a lot of guys from my school walk around in shorts. My friend looked at all of the hairy man-legs and made a comment, that really cracked me up:

Oh look, they are wearing nature socks!


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Hot Summer in the City (Lia)

35 degrees C + a lounge chair under a shady tree in my friend’s garden + slight breeze – keeping my body perfectly still + a large glass of cold water = 35 degrees C, however you look at it, meaning nothing makes any difference whatsoever

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new word. (Sara)

magiggullus : a mix of  cool , magic and magnificent

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Word definition – plikerspee (lia)

plikerspee (noun):

The feeling in the pit of my stomach waiting for the high school summer concert to begin. Part boredom because this yearly concert always goes on too long. Part sentimental longing because the students are just so great. Part anticipation because Sara is giving her first saxaphone solo in one of the big band pieces.

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Autsch! (Sara)

one very little girl ( me) + four very tall and heavy guys * no common sense whatsoever + a stupid idea of doing the football-body-smash_up thing  = one  little girl with very serious back problems

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