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White nights

Midsummer… long long evenings full of light! The darkness of winter is forgotten.

Summer is here.


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funny (Sara)

May is finally showing its sunny side and a lot of guys from my school walk around in shorts. My friend looked at all of the hairy man-legs and made a comment, that really cracked me up:

Oh look, they are wearing nature socks!

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bad weather (Sara)

All winter I was longing to see the green leaves on the trees in front of our house and now that I see the luscious green sensations on the trees it does not have the right effect, because the sun is hidden somewhere behind the giant white clouds. But maybe the sun will come out tomorrow, who knows.

So to cheer everybody up, who is experiencing equally bad weather :

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Impressions on snow (lizlime)

Wonderful piles of new snow last night:

Everything is hibernating:

I just love it, though I don’t have to dig out any vehicle. : )

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Frost and rune stones

The sun was setting in the afternoon, adding a delightful glow to the two one-thousand-year-old rune stones.

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two boys. (Sara)

Two little boys playing with a ball near the street, kicking the ball as high as they can, getting lots of stern looks from the people passing by.

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Let it snow! (Sara)

I wake up every morning and the curtains are closed. Since it has become cold I have been wishing every day, that when I open the curtains it would be snowing. I love snow! (Although I don’t have the right shoes for snow.)

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