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Wobbly Voice (Lia)

Sara and I were walking downtown late this afternoon in search of the ultimate cowboy boots (for Sara). A wobbly child’s voice singing a popular nursery rhyme emotes from a passing wheeled carrier attached behind a bicyclist. It was such an enchanting moment. Both Sara and I became rather nostalgic, for it wasn’t so long ago that she and I used to ride on my bicycle. Not in one of these fancy wheeled carriers, but a nifty children’s seat. Those were the days.


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Sunny September

Walking through Notre-Dame gardens yesterday, I came across this lovely rose.
Red rose
Thought of you, short short stories and realized I had forgotten posting and visiting.
Making amends 😀

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Early morning bliss (Lady Fi)


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oh yeah! (Sara)

I’m sitting in my jammies , eating luch for breakfast and watching the old cartoon Scooby-Doo series. Is there a better way to live you life?

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City life (kim)

In the span of 13 hours we went from our quiet little life by the PEI sea, to city life in montreal…. we are still trying to adjust!

Traffic, people everywhere, lines, NOISE… such chaos. It’s very odd to experience such abnormality in what you once thought was normal. Do you think when we get back to the island in a few days, we’ll maybe feel the opposite? Like we’ll wonder where all the LIFE has gone?

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oh god… (Sara)

I’ve just started returning mentally from France and now I’m descovering the new french challenge: Trying to tell a totally in love french boy that I’m not in love with him …. It’s a sad world…

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Kissing Fish (lia)

Last night, I overheard a conversation in a restaurant that took place between two young women. They were talking about fish: trout, bass, soul, catfish,… it was rather strange to hear them enthuse about these fish and their various attributes. At one point, I swear the one woman started on about what it is like to “have been” kissed by a fish. Or, maybe she was talking about “having seen” fish kissing… wonder which. One of those life mysteries I’ll never know the answer too.

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