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(She might love you if you learn to) Play Guitar by Bella Hemming (Sara)

i wanted to share this song with you 🙂 it made my day! 🙂


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Quilting Ladies (Lia)

A quilting group is in the process of setting up an exhibit in a local café where I am sitting. It is fascinating to see how harmoniously and quietly they decide what quilt should hang where and who should do what about making sure these decisions are made true.

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What lies beyond


Peering through me to sneak a peek

you try to discern glinting lights and shadows moving

eyelahes brushing the metal like so many before

but I will not give in to the tickling for secrecy is my pride.

What? Do I know?

Oh, yes, but no, I shall not tell you what lies beyond.

No, not this time.

And now go, divert your gaze to things I need not conceal

before your vision is suddenly occluded and you shamefully straighten up

as the key is inserted

from the other side.

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Ballard Locks on Sunday Edition (Pam)

This story is written by Pam of the Nerd’s Eye View. Pam is a travel blogger and writes not only wonderful travel stories, but stories of all sorts. When I read the following story in her blog today, I immediately asked her if I could place it here. She kindly agreed.

I’m standing on the east gate of the larger lock. The salmon are running, they’re hurling themselves in to the air and slapping back down against the dark green water. The sun is behind the rail bridge, it’s early evening. Every time a salmon hurls its silver body out of the water my heart leaps.

A very fit gray haired gent in shorts and a red polo shirt strides across the gate behind me, then stops.

“They’re going home.” he says.

“They seem very excited about it.”

“I wonder if they know what’s waiting for them at the end of their journey.” He pauses for a minute. “The same thing that waits for me, I guess,” he says, and smiles big. I laugh at his insight. He waves, and continues striding across the gate towards his known future.

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Couple (Lia)

Early morning. Very. Riding a taxi to the train station. The streets are bare, except for a young couple walking along the sidewalk. The woman, arm extended outwards, is delicately carrying a hanging plant.

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Performance Art Lecture (Lia)

Last evening I had the opportunity to attend a university lecture on performance art. Part of the lecture was the participation of the attendees in a mini performance art piece.

The lecturer put her head to each of the participants’ hearts, one after the other, and listened to their heartbeat. She gave each of us a heart rhythm to beat into the arms of our chairs. Eventually, each of us was beating our heart rhythm and she stood at the front of the room directing us to beat softer or louder. It was certainly a lecture I will remember for a long time.

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raspberries and Freud (Fee)

Today I’m meeting friends to write a joint paper on psychoanalysis, one friend is making a raspberry-cream-cake.  Talk about good balance.

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