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Oh Yeah! (Sara)

Shazaam! I got my very first fanmail!  My mum and I  were eating lunch at a cafe with one our friends and her two daughters and her youngest daughter Maria-Lisa wrote me this on a napkin:

For Sara

From Cookie

my nik name is cookie

( now on the other side of the napkin:)

From Maria-Lisa

Vor Sara:

You are priti

you are nice

you are gud

I like yu sara.

(isn’t that cute?)


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Disconcerting stick (Lady Fi)

It’s always a bit disconcerting when you go for a walk in the woods and that stick…


… slithers off into the bushes.

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summer, where art thou? (kim)

there’s something terribly wrong with summer this year…. it’s still august, and i had to restrain myself from putting the heat on over night, and this morning, i’m wearing a sweatshirt, but really, really want to pull out the polar fleece….

O Summer, Summer, wherefore art thou Summer?
Deny it’s global warming, and refuse thy name;
Or if thou wilt not, be but sworn my love
And I’ll no longer be craving your heat and sunshine

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Open window. (Sara)

We live right in the middle of the city, but I still love sleeping with my window open. I love to hear the occational car passing by and the people talking and laughing right below my window. I love listening to them. But yesterday night I had to close my window at about 1 o’clock because a gang of probably not too young people were starting to sing to “Everybody” by the Backstreet Boys, and you can image that that isn’t such a good lullaby.

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Surprise Surprise (Lia)

There is a surprise* waiting for Sara in her room. She is downstairs talking to some of her school friends, who she met by accident just outside our home. I haven’t breathed a word to her about this belated birthday present from her grandmother. Julien placed it on her table while we were in town, so that the next time she walks into the room there it will be. TaTaa!

30 minutes later… Sara’s still outside chatting away. My son and I are trying to remain nonchalant. I’m not doing a good job of it l. Thinking that maybe I’ll tell her that someone is on the phone for her. But, then what do I say when she comes up and there isn’t anyone on the phone?

Boy, can teenagers ever talk!

* a new sewing machine

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Fiat lux! (Claude)

For the last two months, the roller shutter in my bedroom has been closed. Broken. Down, No way of lifting it. Ordered a new one, which took almost two months to get here.
Now I can at last air the room and see the daylight! One doesn’t realize how important little things are.

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Random holiday activities #1 (Tillmann)

Spending a good deal of my summer holidays at home this year, I fill my unusually ample amount of free time with refreshingly unsophisticated  – if a bit random – activities, such as

#1: Going for a walk with Nigel Plainer reading one of Terry Pratchett’s discworld novels on my ipod. Also a fruitless attempt to escape the stuffiness.

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