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funny (Sara)

May is finally showing its sunny side and a lot of guys from my school walk around in shorts. My friend looked at all of the hairy man-legs and made a comment, that really cracked me up:

Oh look, they are wearing nature socks!


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Word Definition – Stinjeesh (Lia)

Stinjeesh (noun):

The neighbour who loots the public poop bag dispenser across the road, to use as garbage bags, instead of going down the street 100m to the next drugstore and buying the things himself.

(He actually waits for the city worker to refill the dispenser, comes out of his apartment, empties the dispenser, folds the bags properly together and returns into his apartment building. What a cheapskate!)

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speeding by (kim)

The days are speeding of late.

Which got me wondering about what a made up word could be for the phenomenon of how quickly times flys when you are having fun, and how s.l.o.w.l.y time creeps when you are not, or when you are waiting for a time when you’ll be traveling or doing something fun… any ideas?

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new word. (Sara)

magiggullus : a mix of  cool , magic and magnificent

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made up word (Sara)

thumped: a weird, overwhelming feeling, that you have when you wake up and walk into the bathroom and are told by your father that Michael Jackson is dead.

(I’m not really a Michael Jackson fan, but …    I don’t know how to describe it, but he was always “there”. Once in a while you would hear creepy and strange or perfectly normal things about him, but now he’s gone. My music teacher said today, that he wished that MJ could have died as a person and a hero who had achieved one last big task or to  land in the charts one last time. But somehow Michael Jackson ( in my opinion) died as a lonely person, who got weirder by the minute, and I think that is very very sad. I was not lucky enought to know him when he was “normal”. I am completely “thumped”.)

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Word definition – plikerspee (lia)

plikerspee (noun):

The feeling in the pit of my stomach waiting for the high school summer concert to begin. Part boredom because this yearly concert always goes on too long. Part sentimental longing because the students are just so great. Part anticipation because Sara is giving her first saxaphone solo in one of the big band pieces.

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jaggerishis (kim)

the word used for the feeling created when you REALLY, REALLY want something that your partner/parent/boss simply doesn’t want or understand the NEED for.

It’s a combination of suppressing the child in you that wants to stomp feet/ have a tantrum, and your adult self…  and drumming up enough maturity to be ok with the idea of  “You can’t always get what you want”.

nb: the adult feeling sound track in head is the rolling stones

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