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Mini Rant (Lia)

To the couple who exited the crowded train first and decided to stop in front of the door and search through their luggage for their travel itinerary…

To the mother and daughter that stepped off the escalator and stopped to get their bearings…

To the four teenagers blocking the top of the staircase to the track of our connecting train…

Stay alert! Watch what you are doing! There are other people needing to get places quickly!


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Cake for breakfast (Sara)

We are going to visit our friends in South Germany in the summer holidays and I want to share with you my absolute favorite moment whenever we visit them:

I wake up in the morning to the chirping of birds and I can hear the lovely mother, Maria, rummaging around in the kitchen downstairs making breakfast. I sneak into the bathroom, trying not to make any noise because everybody else is still sleeping. When I come down the stairs, I sit down at the kitchen table and Maria has a hot cup of tea and a piece of her freshly-baked cake ready for me. (Maria and her family eat homemade cake for breakfast, yummy!) By the time that I finish sipping on my hot tea and eat the last crumbs of the delicious cake, everybody else will have smelled the mouthwatering scent of tea and cake . They come down the stairs and sit down, read the newspaper, have breakfast and talk about what we are going to do that day. These are moments of total peace and happiness to me.

Looking forward to seeing you guys!

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snippets of life (kim)

Have been very neglectful on very short short stories… hoping to hop back in! We are living and running a small motel right now, and i was thinking last night how well that fits into short, short stories. As the people who come and go provide us just that… a little snippet of their lives in ours.

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Working hard (Claude)

Not me! I never had to work THAT hard!
Working hard
Am back from India with incredible sights in my eyes, and with a renewed appreciation of the totally easy life I live, with the conscience of how easy we have it here in Europe.

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journeys (kim)

We are travelling across the US these days. As a Canadian (who by rights looks down on the US), tis been the most amazing  journey. The landscapes, the people along the way, the spirit of places has all amazed. Places, like Texas, came with a forgone conclusion, and have ended with a 180 degree view of said conclusion.

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City life (kim)

In the span of 13 hours we went from our quiet little life by the PEI sea, to city life in montreal…. we are still trying to adjust!

Traffic, people everywhere, lines, NOISE… such chaos. It’s very odd to experience such abnormality in what you once thought was normal. Do you think when we get back to the island in a few days, we’ll maybe feel the opposite? Like we’ll wonder where all the LIFE has gone?

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oh god… (Sara)

I’ve just started returning mentally from France and now I’m descovering the new french challenge: Trying to tell a totally in love french boy that I’m not in love with him …. It’s a sad world…

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