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(She might love you if you learn to) Play Guitar by Bella Hemming (Sara)

i wanted to share this song with you 🙂 it made my day! 🙂


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Piano (Sara)

i just came back from a piano recital and i almost sh*t my pants before i had to play. please excuse my language i am still recovering from that experience. 😀 but fortunately it went well!

here is the song i was playing:

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bad weather (Sara)

All winter I was longing to see the green leaves on the trees in front of our house and now that I see the luscious green sensations on the trees it does not have the right effect, because the sun is hidden somewhere behind the giant white clouds. But maybe the sun will come out tomorrow, who knows.

So to cheer everybody up, who is experiencing equally bad weather :

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Mood Buster (Liz)

My friend showed me this really sweat and in a way old fashioned (looks like it is home made) music video. What dress is she wearing? And then Pocahontas mixed with the Lion King. How sweat. But beware, the music really sticks to your head … rum ba dum rum ba dum ba dum dum … 🙂

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happy, chill out music (Sara)

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oh yeah! (Sara)

I’m sitting in my jammies , eating luch for breakfast and watching the old cartoon Scooby-Doo series. Is there a better way to live you life?

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