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Couple (Lia)

Early morning. Very. Riding a taxi to the train station. The streets are bare, except for a young couple walking along the sidewalk. The woman, arm extended outwards, is delicately carrying a hanging plant.


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Shopping for Mom (Lia)

Shopping for mom is like shopping thirty years ago. She has her ideas. Set ideas. The fact that things have changed in thirty years (e.g. the size of towels) makes each purchase a possible return. So, I’m trying to take things philosophically.

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a story in pictures (kim)


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Lucky us (Fee)

Me and my number one favourite material thing were in an accident last Friday. We got away with a crooked basket and some scratches.

But woah…what a shock!

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International Travel Too (Liz)

There seems to be a market for psychics in California, I have seen more than one sign offering these services. One said: “Psychic. If not in call 567-xy”. Bad psychic if you ask me – he should know when a customer is comming.

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mouths of babes

I was chatting with a new young friend, it was his birthday.

Me: “Wow it’s your birthday…how old are you?”

Him: I’m 4 now, i’m not a baby any more

Me: That’s true, what are you now?

Him: Yea, I’m a human now.

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International Travel (Lia)

What’s with the flip flops?

(Since when has it become acceptable for people in airports and planes to wear flip flops on their travels? Is it only me, or is this something like jocks going topless in Adidas shorts downtown on a summer day? Not a pretty sight and not so appropriate. Or, is this just one of many indications that I am out of sync with things?)

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