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If I had a flying pony… (Lia)

… I’d instantly turn into a lovely princess and I would fly with the pony into some enchanted woods and live with all the wild animals in perfect harmony…


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If I had a flying pony… (Sara)

…I would fly to Hawaii and take Jack Johnson with me and he could sind me songs about mango trees and waves breaking…

– Sara

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Tattoo Man – (Sara)

Name: Tattoo Man

Age: 22 years, 3 months, 12 days

-Works at Balzac Coffee Shop ( similar to Starbucks)

-has lots of tattoos on his arms and on his neck ( but none in his face, yet)

-has one piercing in his nose and one in his lip

-has a new piercing in his right ear,  since Thursday

-is actually really really nice

-has dark dark brown hair (short mohawk)

-is sometimes so clumsy that (“by accident”) he gives me a medium rasberry lachino instead of a short, only to be nice because I had been in the coffe shop three times that day (by accident, and I really mean by accident)

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Café Rosa Rot Adieu

Berlin. Café Rosa Rot. Once Urgemütlich. Now gone. Sad adieu.

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from a window (kimi)

i have the interesting ability of watching my love go about her day from the vantage point of a window, as i work. it’s an amazing perspective that one, watching someone you love go about their day, but you aren’t sharing the same day. it reminds me of when you fall in love. you somehow imagine the person you love is with you where ever you go… (or am i the only one who does that?).

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Where have I seen this before? (lia)

Watching a child pick some dandelions from the lawn of the house next door. She talks to herself or an imaginary friend while clutching the stems of the weed/flowers. My first thought is that the scene looks like an illustration out of a picture book. Then I realise that actually it looks like a scene out of a childhood. We adults are so busy we forget to look. And when we do, we often see something else.

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If I had a good sense of direction… (lia)

If I had a good sense of direction… on the trip back home today, from north to south, I wouldn’t have found myself driving west. Still, I eventually made it home safe and sound.

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