City life (kim)

In the span of 13 hours we went from our quiet little life by the PEI sea, to city life in montreal…. we are still trying to adjust!

Traffic, people everywhere, lines, NOISE… such chaos. It’s very odd to experience such abnormality in what you once thought was normal. Do you think when we get back to the island in a few days, we’ll maybe feel the opposite? Like we’ll wonder where all the LIFE has gone?



  1. lilalia said

    Naa, I think you’ll get back and realise perhaps the time has come to leave for out west, but you’ll be leaving a part of you, and you will be leaving “family” and you will always have PEI to go back to. It’s been great fun reading your blog these last months. Thanks for writing here as well. Please keep up…

  2. sunnysara said

    i know exactly what you feel like… it was the same way with me, coming back to germany from a little town in the south of france…. but don’t worry, after a while you’ll get used to the noise again 😀

  3. ladyfi said

    Amazing the difference between island and urban life!

  4. Claude said

    Actually, I miss the big city noises and activity as soon as I am away from it. Must be addicted!

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