motel visits (kim)

a family of 5 children, 4 adults arrive on the doorstep early evening hoping for a room. the sign at the bottom of the laneway to the hotel clearly says “no vacancy”. 

Turns out their car broke down just down the road, and they need a place to stay… we manage to finaggle something for them miraculously. Some stranger from the day before helps them get the car back on the road the next day (he told them he’d help, and he actually showed up to do that in the morning).

The whole family but the husband were from mexico…. making me feel that between us and the man who helped the car get back on the road, we did huge justice to the name “Canadian!”.


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  1. lilalia said

    How did you manage to get beds for 5 children and 4 adults?! Yeh, Canadians.

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