Nice Gesture (Lia)

In all movie theaters in Germany, they come in to sell ice cream after the 20-30 minutes of advertisements and trailers before the main feature starts. This delay usually is barely tolerated by the audience, since you can buy the ice cream at the same time you buy your popcorn, so the whole procedure is rather redundant. But, in our consumer society, it is all about the sell.

Today, I went to see the new “Fame” movie. The audience was small and I was the only person over 16 in the audience. The young employee of the cinema came in to sell the ice cream. Only one person asked for a cone, much to the relief of the people waiting for the film to start. When she left with her ice cream basket, she said, “Thanks. Have a good time!” and the young audience collectively said, “Your welcome. You too!” Now, some of the original responses might have been facetious, but collectively, it the responses were rather civil and well-wishing.


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