Things I Didn’t Need To Know (Lia)

Last week, I was at a party and we were talking about “The Lord of the Rings” movies and CGI and plasticine make up… a lively conversation, made merry with the consumption of a fair amount of Christmas cookies and Swedish Glögge (hot spiced wine). In amongst the conversation of elves and ogres and fairy beings and why they all seemed to have rather strange ears, someone told me a fact about growing old, that I really didn’t need to know. She said that other than hair and nails, our ears and noses continue to grow and grow throughout our whole lives.

I didn’t think this could be true, for it would mean that old people must wander around with monster ears. Yet, sadly, the bus rides to work this week produced a whole slew of examples of elderly with exactly this problem. Was I the only person oblivious of this fact? I’m trying to think what I can do with my saucer ears if I grow old, the gods willing, other than use them to prop up my Princess Leia hair piece. Do you have any suggestions?



  1. ladyfi said

    ROFL! I too was blissfully oblivious to this…

    You could always use those ears to fly with – like Dumbo! 😉

  2. sunnysara said

    the old man working in the pharmacy today had huuuuuge ears, too.

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