Santa’s Real Busy (Lia)

Sara and I went out last evening to look at all the lovely Christmas lighting along the canals of Luebeck. We passed the family Christmas market and met Mr. And Mrs. Santa Claus at work.

They two of them were dressed in traditional wear: not the red polyester stuff, but the beautiful brocade and linen wear of the 18th century. They had the most impressive book where they wrote down all the good deeds of the children they talked to, as well as their wishes for presents. What was most striking about Mr. and Mrs. Santa Claus was how much time they spent with each child talking about all the good and magical things in their lives. Everyone was gathered around and was able to listen and enjoy the innocence of the children’s belief. There was a feeling of timelessness to the scene.


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  1. ladyfi said

    Oh, it sounds magical and uplifting. So good to hear that there are people who are still willing to spread love and magic to kids.

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