arrested (kim)

Yesterday was our first crossing of the Canada/US border with the trailer. There’s not a lot of information we could find on what you can bring and what not. Since you are essentially bringing your home across the border, it was a bit un-nerving. Going into the US is always a challenge.

They take your trailer key and go in themselves, as you wait holding your breath in the truck. Finally after much mumbling and conferring the border crossing guard comes over and says in a very stern voice. “We are going to have to arrest…. your lemon”.  And walks away with our 1/2 lemon.

We still arent’ sure if hthe serious tone was joking, or dead serious!



  1. ladyfi said

    That’s hilarious! Talk about arrested development…

  2. lilalia said

    Is it because they were US customs officers? I can’t see the Canadian officer being so strict. Or maybe I know nothing about anything. Actually, I can’t ever remember any customs officer ever smiling… so maybe it was his way of making a joke.

  3. sunnysara said

    😀 that’s fantastic! I’m guessing that that was his way of making jokes in his everyday life !

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