Children can be so mean (lia)

A little fat girl on her way to grade school, stands by the street light waiting for the light to turn. She’s dressed in her favourite skirt and sweater. A bright ribbon holds back her dark wavy curls. A schoolmate of hers passes on the way to the bakery to pick up bread rolls for her family.

This is one of those perfect princess girls that plagues all of our childhoods. You can tell by the way she walks, by the say she swishes her hair back over her shoulders.

The one girl waves at the little princess and says a bright hello. The princess runs pass her, almost not noticing her, and then only making a response of, “You are way too early”.

I look upon this scene from my living room window and can see by the change in the girl’s posture that she’s registered it all: her outfit is wrong, her hair is wrong, she’s even wrong to want to go to school early… I want to tell her that the princess is wrong, or that she didn’t really mean to be mean, she’s just unthinking, which when you come down to it, is probably the same thing.



  1. sunnysara said

    oh i hate those girls!! ( the princess one) the poor little fat girl…..

  2. tillmannt said

    Time for that prince to arrive with his frickin’ horse to take her away to his castle of exceedingly expensive tastelessness where they will lead an exceedingly boring life.

  3. lilalia said

    Tillmann, you are so right. Why should I feel any animosity towards the princess, when she is going to have such a boring life.

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