What lies beyond


Peering through me to sneak a peek

you try to discern glinting lights and shadows moving

eyelahes brushing the metal like so many before

but I will not give in to the tickling for secrecy is my pride.

What? Do I know?

Oh, yes, but no, I shall not tell you what lies beyond.

No, not this time.

And now go, divert your gaze to things I need not conceal

before your vision is suddenly occluded and you shamefully straighten up

as the key is inserted

from the other side.



  1. lilalia said

    Did that ever happen to you? Someone put the key in, or open the door? That really would induce a feeling of shock, panic and shame, wouldn’t it?

  2. tillmannt said

    Hm I don’t think it actually happened to me – good organisation is essential, especially with mischief.

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