Random holiday activities #3


Going for a walk by the seaside with mum and sister. This is wonderful, why don’t we go more often since we only live 20 minutes away? It is also the good-bye of summer whose sunshine already has a nostalgic quality to it and cannot be bothered to make Kiel a warm place, since autumn has claimed it overnight as it usually does. Here up north, autumn is clearly the most decisive of seasons.

That is one of the things I like about autumn, it doesn’t faff. One day it just decides it is time for chestnuts and here it comes.




  1. ladyfi said

    Great photo.

    Even further north up here in Sweden – still warm and mellow. Waiting for autumn…

  2. lilalia said

    Till, the same thing happened here in Luebeck. In one day… boom, autumn…

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