Getting young as the years pass by (Tillmann)

There is an answer to the troubles of getting old: don’t.

When we arrived at my grandma’s house last Friday, she was shuffling about in her dressing gown. She giggled and said “bloody party, I can’t find my trousers!”. That is how fun my grandma is.



  1. lilalia said

    From your perspective getting old might not seem like such a good thing. From mine, on the cusp of totterhood, growing old looks like a gift in comparison to the alternative.

    • tillmannt said

      I don’t think getting old is a bad thing, on the contrary, my retirement is all planned: There will be a small garden with a greenhouse and a couple of beehives, and of course a well-equipped library.

    • tillmannt said

      Besides I think you are not old at all in the sense I was alluding to in that episode with my grandma!

  2. sunnysara said

    oh i’m scared of getting old, but i’m looking forward to being the coolest grandma on earth playing away on my saxophone at age 90!

  3. lilalia said

    Tillmann, I can well imagine you with your beehives and English garden…

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