Oh Yeah! (Sara)

Shazaam! I got my very first fanmail!  My mum and I  were eating lunch at a cafe with one our friends and her two daughters and her youngest daughter Maria-Lisa wrote me this on a napkin:

For Sara

From Cookie

my nik name is cookie

( now on the other side of the napkin:)

From Maria-Lisa

Vor Sara:

You are priti

you are nice

you are gud

I like yu sara.

(isn’t that cute?)



  1. lilalia said

    That is more than cute, it is completely adorable.

  2. lilalia said

    Maybe we should say that Cookie is in the second grade in a German school and has not learnt to write English yet.

  3. tillmannt said

    Haha Sara I’m sure that is not the last letter of this kind that you will receive.

  4. lilalia said

    Ah, Tillmann, you are a charmer! What a lovely compliment to give Sara. A proper British gentleman.

  5. sunnysara said

    why thank you tillman!

  6. tillmannt said

    Doing my best 😉

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