Surprise Surprise (Lia)

There is a surprise* waiting for Sara in her room. She is downstairs talking to some of her school friends, who she met by accident just outside our home. I haven’t breathed a word to her about this belated birthday present from her grandmother. Julien placed it on her table while we were in town, so that the next time she walks into the room there it will be. TaTaa!

30 minutes later… Sara’s still outside chatting away. My son and I are trying to remain nonchalant. I’m not doing a good job of it l. Thinking that maybe I’ll tell her that someone is on the phone for her. But, then what do I say when she comes up and there isn’t anyone on the phone?

Boy, can teenagers ever talk!

* a new sewing machine



  1. Claude said

    Let us know about her reaction!

  2. lilalia said

    She came in and sat down in th living room with me. So, I sent her in her room to get two photos she is thinking of framing. She didn’t want to get the photos because she was writing her friend an email. After exercising a bit more insistence, she went into her room, apparently opened her drawer (the sewing machine was on the table right beside the chest of drawers), picked the two photos out of the and headed right out of her room without seeing the sewing machine.

    Julien and I were sitting and waiting for the cry of joy. No such luck. She comes out innocently and Julien and I yelled at her, “Go back to your room!” So, we all went in together and Julien asked her to look around and see if she sees anything different.

    She loves it. Julien helped her set it up and she’s now busy at learning to sew in a straight line. Very Zen like. That’s my gal.

  3. sunnysara said

    Oh I love it!! I’m almost finished with “pimping up” a t-shirt of mine 🙂

  4. kim said

    oy, hate when suprises flop! A sewing machine, now that’s a good presie. Hope you learn to do more than straight lines, you’ll have a lot of fun pimping things up and even creating things!

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