Ballard Locks on Sunday Edition (Pam)

This story is written by Pam of the Nerd’s Eye View. Pam is a travel blogger and writes not only wonderful travel stories, but stories of all sorts. When I read the following story in her blog today, I immediately asked her if I could place it here. She kindly agreed.

I’m standing on the east gate of the larger lock. The salmon are running, they’re hurling themselves in to the air and slapping back down against the dark green water. The sun is behind the rail bridge, it’s early evening. Every time a salmon hurls its silver body out of the water my heart leaps.

A very fit gray haired gent in shorts and a red polo shirt strides across the gate behind me, then stops.

“They’re going home.” he says.

“They seem very excited about it.”

“I wonder if they know what’s waiting for them at the end of their journey.” He pauses for a minute. “The same thing that waits for me, I guess,” he says, and smiles big. I laugh at his insight. He waves, and continues striding across the gate towards his known future.



  1. sunnysara said

    Wow, that is probably one of those encounters with a person that are not likely to be forgotten!

  2. lilalia said

    Your description makes him out to be a romantic character. Love the story. Thank you for letting us print it here.

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