Poem. (Sara)

Lia and I were sitting in a train,

looking at the trees outside

looking at the people passing by

but then to my amazement and utterly surprise

a guy decided to stick his buttocks in my face.

I’m sorry people, I know the last part doesn’t really fit, but there just is no other way to explain the situation that occured to me when we were on the train from southern Germany to Lübeck. The train was so crammed, and people were trying desperately to get to their seats. That guy probably  just decided that I looked small and thought that I might not care, so he  let the people go by, and by doing this compressing his behind into my privacy. I was not very amused when he finaly left, but at least that was an icebreaker to get into a conversation with the people sitting next to us. So I guess there is something good to everything in life… Don’t you think so?



  1. lilalia said

    That was one big butt, wasn’t it? Huge guy, so maybe he is used to squishing himself on top of small unassuming people to make room for the other giants of the world.

  2. kimhadley said

    i would have goosed him… teach him a lesson or two about parking his big ol butt in a poor innocent girls face!

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