My summer time (Tillmann)

My last couple of summer days were refreshingly non-exciting.

Went for a run because I really should. Done lots of cooking because I like it. Watered flowers and tomato plants because they like it. Baked loads of cakes, bread and pizza because there is no oven in college so I have to make up for the past months and for the year to come. Had a very fun boat trip with Dad, because blokes like to get wet and make tea on a stove. And then there’s been books.



  1. Claude said

    Non-exciting is good for holidays! 😀

  2. lilalia said

    Tillmann, I’m so glad you are back writing stories. Julien mentioned recently that he missed you as well. Hopefully, you have tanked up on energy and your life will be full of stories in the months to come.

  3. tillmannt said

    Hello again!
    I realised today that I had let you guys down shortshortwise – sorry about that!
    I was quite busy choir-touring and stuff… Hope you’re having a great summer!

  4. lilalia said

    Tillmann, not letting us down, since all is just voluntary. Just happy to have you back.

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