Dream (Sara)

I had a very strange dream, where I was supposed to be the next pope.

So there I was, all dressed up in Vatican City with loads of religious  people right behind me in some sort of formation, walking along an alley in a HUGE cathedral and we were doing all sorts of chanting and singing and stomping ….and I just remember I had no idea whatsoever what I was supposed to do, so I was like humming and letting out an occational “Veni vidi vici”.

But to my relief, there was my best friend standing at the end of the alley (dressed up as a nun). She then told me what I was supposed to do, and say, because of course I didn’t speak any Latin.

You can imagine how confused I was when I woke up.



  1. lilalia said

    What I like is the idea of the stamping… this story made me laugh on second read as much as it did the first.

  2. ladyfi said

    That is hilarious!

  3. Claude said

    You certainly made me smile!

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