Apologies. (Sara)

Here are a couple of reasons why I have to apologize ( to myself to other people and to the world):

1.  I have been eating way too many sweets.

2. I have been a couch potato these past few days, although it’s summer right now and I could have been riding my bike.

3. I haven’t been riding my bike as often as I actually want to. ( I’m going to catch up on that today 😀 )

4. I haven’t been cleaning up my room. (I’m sorry Lia!)

5. (and most important) I haven’t been writing here as much as I actually wanted to, so: I’m so very sorry! I will change that immediately.



  1. lilalia said

    I’ve missed your stories. Glad to know you are back.

  2. Claude said

    I go through so many lazy moments that I certainly won’t throw the first stone. 😉

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