Shopping for Mom (Lia)

Shopping for mom is like shopping thirty years ago. She has her ideas. Set ideas. The fact that things have changed in thirty years (e.g. the size of towels) makes each purchase a possible return. So, I’m trying to take things philosophically.



  1. Claude said

    I remember running errands for my Mom. It used to drive me nuts. She’d send me to the market for one carrot, one potato, one leek and one turnip, to boil her broth! And I was too embarrassed to do that so I’d end up with stuff that I took home and didn’t really want. How silly of me!

  2. lilalia said

    Well, at least my mom hasn’t started that. She does the opposite. She wants all of her cupboards and refrigerator full, even though she is not capable at the moment of cooking for herself. I think that she would be better if she did have more homemade meals. So many Canadians and Americans have gotten away from making their own broths or meals…. it’s a shame really. I remember going to a friends place years ago and she had six bottles of pre-processed salad dressing, but no olive oil or vinegar in her cupboard.

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