clamming (kim)

We went clam digging yesterday, what a great time we had.  Here’s the step by step process to clamming:

  • take one toilet plunger and one bucket down to the beach
  • look for small hole under the surface of the ocean water
  • once found put toilet plunger on small hole and pump 7 times
  • dig around in the churned up murky water with your hand
  • pull up fat juicy clam (s)
  • watch out for the clam’s tendency to pees on you as you escort to bucket
  • put clam in bucket full of clean salty water
  • come home when you have a pot full of clams

Eating Clams

  • boil up salty water
  • dump in clams till they open
  • bring clams, and one small tub of hot salty water, and butter to table
  • pick up one clam, yank him out of shell via a gross black top
  • remove the sandy sheath around black gross top
  • dip in hot salty water until all red pei sand gone
  • dip in hot butter
  • eat gross looking clam meat

mmmmmmm (and i’m not kidding.. they look gross but… mmmmmmmm)


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  1. lilalia said

    Gosh, have you gone local! Not only sounds like an acquired taste, but also “don’t knock it until you try it” sort of experience. Think the only thing I can see as being fun is the “dig around in the churned up murky water with your hand” part. Love to dig around.

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