bathroom habits (kim)

It was my job over the weekend to keep the bathrooms and showers clean at the campground. There was a big music festival nearby, so the campgrounds were full to bursting, and the owner needed extra help to manage it all.

It wasn’t as bad a job as one would imagine. There was something very satisfying about doing something that really helped out, and everyone appreciated, and that i didn’t have to ask too many questions in order to do.  Friday i did a stint at the store… oy not the job for me, involved too much math!

The biggest surprise was that the men’s bathroom was 100% cleaner than the women’s. I know, i know it’s stereotyping…  would you have  imagined the reverse?



  1. lilalia said

    Having lived in numerous co-ops with men and on sailing boats with a male crew, I can only say the stereotype often rules.

  2. sunnysara said

    All that I can say that at our school the girl’s bathrooms are very cleen, and the boy’s not… at all! They say, that there sometimes are wierd substances on the ceiling. No need to go into detail.

  3. ladyfi said

    Many times, it is the men’s bathroom that is worst.. but that may only be because it smells more.

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