Oh Noooo!! (Sara)

Yesterday afternoon after our Big Band practice ( in case you don’t remember, I play the alto saxophone ) we wanted to go to my place and on our way to my house we saw a trombone standing all alone at one corner leaning against a wall. We thought about taking it with us, because it’s not good to let a trombone standing alone in the street, but then we thought, that it could belong to someone we might not know, and so we decided not to take it with us.

At nine thirty in the evening our lead trombonist called me and asked me in a very (very) desperate voice if I had seen his trombone. Oh Nooo!  I was so angry with myself, that I did’t even look into the case. I really wished that I could turn back time at that moment. I talked to him a little while, trying to make suggestions how he could find it. He thanked me, we said goodbye and I went to bed.

Next morning in music class:

Lead trombonist enters the room. Everybody looks at him. He had a big smile on his face!! Yaay!

He told us that he had gone up and down the street again, and it turns out that someone had dropped the trombone off  at the turkish grocerie store around the corner. I love Lübeck!


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  1. lilalia said

    Boy, no wonder he was so relieved. That one night of not knowing whether he lost his trombone or not must have been torture.

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